How To Decorate With Olive Green Couch? Designer’s Guide

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Olive green is a color that brings a fresh, healthy feeling to any room. It’s a perfect choice for a living room because it creates a calm, clean environment. An olive-green couch adds a sense of tranquility to the room. It also provides a great backdrop for your family and friends to relax in.

It’s a color that has a wide range of applications. You can use it as the primary color of the room or as the accent color. It’s also an ideal choice for a neutral room because it has a calming effect. However, what colors work with an olive-green couch as you think about the rest of the decor in your room?

It turns out there are a lot of colors. Consider olive green as a nearly neutral color. According to interior designer Kim Armstrong, “olive green is a sophisticated color that isn’t so dark that it feels moody, yet has enough earthy undertones so it doesn’t feel overly bright.

However, it still gives the room some life and functions effectively as a “color-neutral too bright.” However, it still adds some vitality to the space and works well as a “color-neutral.”

A couch in olive green is a no-brain addition to your home because of how versatile the color is. It is also quite good in terms of durability. Unlike lighter color schemes, olive green won’t become soiled quickly, according to Armstrong.

 Inspired? Find a handful of our favorites below if you’re looking for a green sofa. Read on for 10 hues that look stunning with an olive-green couch in the interim.


1. Teal


living room featuring an olive green couch and teal walls

Image Credit: Perlmutter & Freiwald


Combining deep teal walls and furnishings with an olive-green couch is anything but shy. Perlmutter & Freiwald’s utilization of a striking color scheme in this living area gives off invigorating tropical emotions. The space is grounded by a natural fiber rug made of jute or seagrass, and the design appears planned and harmonious thanks to accessories that use both hues, such as the window treatments and the artwork.

2. Beige


living room featuring an olive green couch and beige walls

Image Credit: Julian Design


We vehemently disagree with the stereotype that beige is uninteresting, especially when coupled with an olive-green couch. Olive green can stand out against beige, as  Julian Design shows with this couch, whether you use olive green as a paint color, accent cushions, coffee table, or lamp shade. Beige is always a reliable and secure color choice when in doubt.

3. White


bedroom featuring an olive green couch and white bedding

Image Credit: Interior Impressions


We passionately reject the notion that beige is uninteresting, particularly when paired with an olive-green couch. As Julian Design demonstrates with this couch, olive green can stand out against beige whether it is used as a paint color, accent pillow, coffee table, or lamp shade. When in doubt, beige is a dependable and safe color choice.

4. Forest Green


Home office featuring an olive green couch and forest green walls

Image Credit: Marie Flangian


Forest green and olive green together? Let us explain. Or, you could just glance at this Marie Flanigan Interiors-designed living room to see how effectively it functions. The furnishings are dark and melancholy, and the couch and traces of black and white in the adornments bring the two colors of green together. It is unexpected, courageous, and brilliant. The room is kept light by a taupe rug placed over dark hardwood floors.


5. Red


Living room featuring an olive green couch and red chairs and window treatments

Image Credit: Kim Armstrong


Because they are complementary colors, red and green can be used together without giving off major Christmas decor vibes. Just remember to use the right tones, as Kim Armstrong Interiors did while decorating this traditional living room. Choose a warm, rich red, or earthy olive green instead of anything too primary. For a space that is coherent, incorporate other accents, such as throw cushions or an area rug, that feature both hues.​

6. Navy


Image Credit: Meg White Interiors

An exquisite color combination consists of a rich olive green and a deep navy blue.   Meg White Interiors pumped up the style in this living room with a leopard print rug and vibrant magenta seats. The end result is a sophisticated setting that isn’t overly serious.​


7. Brown


Home office with olive green couch and wood paneling

Image Credit: Anne Hepfer-designed apartment


Lean on the studious beauty of wood built-ins if you’re working with unpainted ones. As shown in this Anne Hepfer-designed apartment, pairing brown bookcases with an olive-green sofa emphasizes both hues’ inherent appeal. Add bold accents next, like geometric pillows or a rug with zebra print.

8. Gold


Living room with olive green couch and brass accessories

​Image Credit: The Residency Bureau

Olive green goes wonderfully with any metallic, but gold is a particular complement. Stock up on brass accents like side tables or picture frames to give your area a vintage elegance, like The Residency Bureau did in this living room. A little bit of gold goes a long way.

9. Natural Wood


Living room with natural blinds and red rug

Image Credit: Crystal Blackshaw Interiors


Olive green has a natural earthiness that is both modest and lovely. Pair an olive-green couch with natural wood accents, as Crystal Blackshaw Interiors did in this space, to make it feel even more earthy. Consider using wicker, jute, bamboo, or seagrass in a rug, pendant, or window treatment.

10. Seafoam


Olive green couch with seafoam blue walls and throw pillows

Image Credit: Liz Williams Interiors


The gentle, light green color of seafoam is a relaxing choice for any room because it’s both traditional and novel. As in this design by Liz Williams Interiors, combine this soft shade with an olive-green velvet couch (maybe in the form of throw cushions, a wall color, or both). Voila! Just a touch of gold! Your use of color is excellent.


What Color Pillows for Olive Green Couch?

Using an olive-green hue anywhere will undoubtedly present some issues because it is unusual and non-neutral. And one of them is to pick a color that will go wonderfully with olive green. Although using olive green as a decorating accent might be challenging, done right, it produces amazing results.

Choosing the ideal throw cushion color for an olive-green couch would be difficult if you were to use this shade as your couch.

After testing different throw cushion colors with olive-green couches in an effort to find the ideal option. We’ve determined that these 7 hues will go nicely with any olive-green sofa, and they are as follows:

1. Cream

cream pillow with olive green sofa

Image Courtesy: Room Design


When paired with a rich tone like olive, using soft and neutral colors like cream is one of the finest choices because it will produce a serene appearance while the olive green still adds a sense of tranquility. If you don’t want the accent couch to look overpowering, this method is ideal for you.

2. Plum


Image Courtesy: Room Design


Plum throw pillows are a good choice if you want to give your room additional depth.

These two hues are a fantastic combination because they both have a grey undertone, but their primary shades, purple and green, perfectly contrast with one another, giving them an opulent and elegant appearance.

3. Dark Gray


Image Courtesy: Room Design


If you want to create bold effects in your living areas, dark grey is a fantastic option. Both colors are natural hues that create a smooth rustic feel.

4. Light Yellow


Image Courtesy: Room Design


If your room already had some yellowish accents, it would be a fantastic idea to add more of them by using yellow throw pillows. Throw pillows are a terrific way to add more accent color and style to your area.

Furthermore, olive green has a hint of yellow in it, which gives them a perfect appearance, making yellow a great hue to pair with them.

5. Tan

Image Courtesy: Room Design


Tan is a complementary neutral and earthy color to the olive-green couch. For a fashionable and elegant retreat-like air, this light shade of brown can be a fantastic color to complement an olive-green sofa.

This combination is also ideal if you want to maintain the prominence of olive green as the primary accent color across the entire space.


6. Orange


Image Courtesy: Room Design


If you think your olive-green couch is too serene and organic, add some statement-making pop with an orange throw pillow.

This strategy can increase the room’s vibrancy and happiness without taking away from the olive couch’s strong and opulent impact.

7. Light Gray


Image Courtesy: Room Design


Light grey is the final pillow color for an olive sofa on this list. This can be the ideal option if you think your green couch is too dominant and appears overstuffed but don’t want to scale back on its opulence.

In conclusion, the hue of olive green is stunning and stands out from other shades of green. This color, which is inspired by nature, is ideal for use as an accent color because it goes well with all types of decors and gives your home a deep, earthy quality.

You may apply an olive-green accents in a variety of different areas across your home. The most well-liked ones include using it as a couch, area rug, artwork, or accent wall.

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