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A comfortable couch is consummate for relaxing, sleeping and snuggling and if you’re choosing bright color like green color sofa, you are more close to nature. However, when you incorporate a vintage green couch in your living space, definitely it would turn out more beautiful and elegant.

If you are looking for a perfect, calming and stylish couch for your lounge, kitchen, office, waiting area, or for your room, then don’t go further you are at the right place.

What is vintage green

Vintage green is actually a grey green color, this color is being used in furnishing and home decor since many decades. It is both calming and revitalizing. Using vintage green color sofa is perfect and refreshing for your home decoration, outdoor purposes or for office use which can give a consummate and absolute look to your space.

Vintage green couch ideas for living room

There are variety of ideas and suggestions which can be a best choice and a perfect match for your living room. So are you ready to take the plunge? Here you can explore our curated collection of vintage green sofa and find your desired taste and style.

Sectional U or L- Shape Sofa Set:

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Sectional sofa have become one of the most famous and comfortable sofas as they made up of two or more pieces( sections) which combine to create L or U shaped seating area. This beautiful vintage sectional and modular sofa will add beauty, comfort and coolness to your lounge.

Now it’s up to you, how you can make your lounge stylish, ultra modern and up-to date with this beautiful sectional sofa. It has solid wood frame, soft fabric, fulled with high density sponge, making this sectional sofa beautiful and comfortable.

It can be adjusted in a u-shape or l-shape sofa or even every seat can be moved and rematch. For your convenience and need, you can also move and assemble any module. This is the best thing of modular sectional sofa.

It has storage function under each seat, it is a best place for children’s toys, putting blankets, remote control so tour room can look neat and clean.It’s based on a solid wood frame with durable memory foam cushions built into the fabric and the entire sofa is supported by a plastic black legs.


Green Velvet Couch

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If you’re determined for your living room to emit warm and cosy vibes, then you should go with velvet material and play with natural and exuding color like emerald green.

It’s a modern piece with minimalistic yet refined structure, featuring clean lines, smooth upholstery, and wooden legs. This sofa brings out a simplistic style that emphasizes comfort and functionality. Made up of solid hardwood frame with four metal steel legs supports this high quality foam filled upholstery.

Pure velvet cloth with featuring a feather like softness leaving the skin tremendously smooth. This velvet is hands down the best option amongst velvets. Smooth flawless texture offers this couch extra comfort and refined appearance.


Vintage Sofa Bed

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Sofa bed or sofa cum beds are alike futons. This type of furniture lies flat, can easily convert from sofa into bed and doesn’t have a traditional mattress. They are very convenient to use as it includes a buried mattress within their frame, you can easily fold or unfold whenever needed.

Classic design with backrest button tufting and a wood runner across the bottom. This modern and voguish vintage design of sofa bed made up of rich velvet with ribbed tufted cushion back with solid wood legs for long lasting durability.

It is perfect small space living option to accommodate overnight guests. Additional fold down legs in the back to provide additional support when in sleeping position. Its pocket coil seating will offer you maximum comfort and will give most comfortable and cozy environment.

It’s multifunctional split- back design allows you to independently recline the backrest between three positions that is sleeping, lounging and sitting.


Vintage green arm chair

Arm chair can also bring elegance and comfort to your lounge as it will be of great use when we use it as single arm chair sofa or couch. We can also use them in pair and can put a coffee table between them. You like to share a cup of coffee with your guest or you are just enjoying a movie night alone. It will be a great choice for you.

There are different types and style of arm chair which you can select according to tour taste and also according to your living room space. This accent chair features cool color and stylish fashion design. It goes well with most decoration and occasions. Like living room, kitchen, office, waiting areas, study, pantry and lounges. It can also give you a perfect eye catching look when you keep it with coffee table or a dining table.

It is made up of high quality fabric, soft and delicate texture which gives you ultra comfort and flexibility. The soft seat is supported by good quality metal legs which can bear a load capacity of 250kg. The metal support of this arm chair improves longevity and resilience.


Green swing armchair

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (2).png

Weather you like to go for a traditional wooden swing or a more stylish modern swing chair, there’s no doubt that a up-to date, fetching and attractive swing armchair is a great way to add a little something extra with beauty to your space. If you want to add some cool sights to your empty corner of your house, then you can go for this elegant and comfortable swing arm chair.

If you want to use it to gift someone so it can also be used as a variety of gifts ( birthday, party, Christmas or new year, etc). This rocking chair can bear a load of maximum 200kg, the seat cushions uses a high density sponge, the solid wood frame and legs of this swing arm chair form a constant and stable frame.

It has thickly padded cushion seat, design with thick cushion and high density sponge inside which makes your whole experience of swing arm chair memorable and unforgettable. This rocking arm chair can be used for office purposes, for you to enjoy yourself and relax tour mind and body after tired work, for the late night movies and munching, the old people relax and definitely for the kids to enjoy their warm cozy ride.


Window treatment ideas for vintage couch

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Now, after you select the best and perfect couch of your desired taste. You must looking for curtain ideas which can give stunning, elegant yet stylish look to your room.

Here are 4 best curtain color ideas you must like 4 foremost curtain ideas Your selection of curtain color can also determine how your green couch or sofa is going to come out. That is why selection of curtain hues is a very crucial step to make your room more attractive and welcoming.

Monochromatic theme:

if you want to give a cool, monochromatic vibes to your room, you can go with one or two lighter or darker shade of vintage green color.

Mustard color:

if you want to keep the room calm and inviting then it is advisable you to go for light and warm color like mustard which appears not so dark neither it will dull.

Burnt orange:

this color will also a great match with your vintage green couch because of its welcoming nature. This will make a couch attractive and beautiful in a warm way.

Light grey:

grey and white are natural color and can always use as a background for any shade. Light grey color will also give balance to your vintage green couch and can create a welcoming vibes.

After having look at curtain ideas, you must also look at the wall paints that will go best with your couch and give your room a voguish, graceful and sophisticated look. Wall paint ideas for vintage green couch When you are choosing wall color for your space, you must be determinant of how bright your couch is going to shine also you need to make sure that the wall color you are choosing will not take the focus off attention from your vintage couch. Which must be the lime light of whole living space.

Soft and warm colors: soft colors like white, beige, off-white, light grey, cream and light peach are the perfect complementary colors that goes well with a room having green couch. Soft and welcoming nature of these warm colors will brighten your living space and make your green couch center of attention.

Dark and screaming color: bright color like purple, red or burgundy will not be a good color choice for a space having green couch as it will not give fine and pleasant look because of their screaming and bright nature.

Is green couch a good idea?

Green is a beautiful color to surround yourself with throughout the whole year. In autumn and winter, green velvet couch and chairs can bring much-needed cosy and warmth to your room. The In hotter months, its natural hues helps us to brings the sense of spring and freshness in.

Green is a primary color and also a natural mother color of all colors, it gives deep calmness to the soul and coolness to eyes. It’s neutral nature can be compatible with any color, be it dark, light or whatever you like to pair with. Here we are going to discuss different, beautiful and stylish green couch which can be a perfect match to your desired taste. Green sofas can easily fit into a wide range of interior designs and style. Green couch is a great choice and it makes an elegant statement in a living room.

Types of green color:

There are different types of green color, some are tricky to handle and some can mix and match with any color. Here are some different shades of green color.

  1. Sage green
  2. Emerald green
  3. Olive green
  4. Dark green
  5. Spring green
  6. Lime green
  7. Vintage green

Specifically here, We are going to discuss about vintage green sofa, vintage sofa-cum bed, armchair, swing armchair and many more. Also we will discuss here best matching window treatment with these couches, wall paint and home decor ideas that will give your space a perfect and eye catchy look.


Vintage green is a natural color which gives many option for decoration. You have much room to play around with many colors if you have bright or vintage green couch. The foremost thing is to make sure you identify the other existing color decor in the room that goes well with your desired couch.

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