What Color Walls Go With Green Couch for Living Room

by Z Fahad

Bold and striking color couches are something that is hugely popular homeware trends and they are not new to the interior. However, adding a pop of bright and contrasting color to your interior is a traditional practice which designers are doing perfectly from decades, as there are plenty of variations, new designs and ideas which can help your interior’s look, a perfect space of glam and elegance.

While decorating interior, colors that are naturally eye pleasing, emanates confidence and charm are always a popular choice.

Therefore, green is a color that’s often associated with the great outdoors and interior decorations, making sense that it is a great match with other earth-inspired shades. However, green is definitely an interesting color to play with.


A green couch is a communicating source to elevate quintessence of nature to striking, rich strong hues of green like olive forest or emerald tones, making them a harmonious choice for a living space. It’s appealing to take a enthusiastic attempt to buy a green couch for your space and make it more melodious and cheerful.


What Is A Green Color

Green is a color of life that is typically associated with the natural world as well as with freshness, nature, growth and energy. It is a secondary color that is created by mixing of two primary colors which are blue and yellow. It has a wavelength 495-570 nanometers. This color is also a source of providing freshness, renewal, safety and fertility.

Is green a good color for living room?

In general, when you have to include a green color in an interior design scheme, it can conjure up a sense of fresh, refreshment, peace and even security. That is the reason why green sofas have become such a precious, much loved and widely appreciated trend.

Therefore, there are many people who wants to design and decorate their home using hues of green. However, the exact tint of green that can be a best choice for your sofa will only be depend on your personal style and your desired taste because there is always a perfect approach and elegance for your kind of choice.

Multiple variations of green color:

There are multiple variations of green color, out of which some are rich, bright and striking shades and on the other hand some are light pestle hues of green.

Various shades of green color are depending upon the proportions of two primary colors. Combining two color in different proportions can create variety of green colors from emerald to sage green and heritage to olive green.

7 foremost and in-demand shades of green couch ideas:

As a matter of fact, here particularly, we will talk about few most popular and in-demand hues of green and their respective couch ideas, what color paint go well with that particular couch and also we will discuss some beautiful decor ideas with different hues of green.

Don’t worry, we have made a list of decorative abstraction and concepts that will give you ideas and pairing decor with a selected hue of green. As you scroll down we’ll discuss different variations of green color, couch ideas and matching wall paint with particular hues of green.


heritage green

Heritage green is a rich and deep natural hue of green, is often used in interior design as well as decoration because of its warm nature and it’s association with tradition and history.

Modern upholstered heritage green sofa

This modern sectional heritage green sofa is a classic decor style, it can used to add a sense of elegance and sophistication to a space. However, if you are the one who is fond of this hue of green, it can create a luxurious, elegant and inviting atmosphere to tour living space.

You can buy this product from the given link

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design.png

Product Description:

Sectional sofas are versatile and very flexible to buy as they come in portions( 2 or more large sections) which can be connected to fit in rooms of different shape and sizes.

This couch features simple lines and square armrests atop tall tapered leg, giving it a simple and modest feel that looks perfect with other decor styles.

It is made up of hardwood frame, contains solid beech wood legs and durable polyester upholstery prevent it from wear and tear also offers low maintenance cost. It can wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

The chaise can be moved to either end to lodge your room layout so that it can provide extra seat for company.

It can assemble in 15 minutes or less, you just have to attach the legs that cone zippered inside the product.

This product also available in storm grey, linen, denim, chest nut and grey weave.

Fact to consider: if your living room or given space is particularly small, this sectional couch may not be the best option, as it occupies large and free space to adjust.

What color paint will go best with vintage green couch?

White, beige or light grey wall paint hue are the best match with heritage green couch, the light nature of these color are letting this deep rich green color do the talk in your given space.

Adding a pot or plant can also add a botanical environment to your space.

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (1).png

Other interesting and pastel hues like peach , coral pink, mild yellow can also complement bright and rich shade of heritage green.

emerald green:

This is a specific shade of green which has bright blue-green hue and is named after a precious gemstone “emerald”. It is a deep, saturated and rich color, often associated with luxury, wealth and elegance. This color often used in arts n crafts, painting, fashion as well as design to add a touch of sumptuousness and sophistication to a space.

According to recent survey taken by famous interior designer Sherwin-Williams, he included more than 400 experienced and professional designers. They found on their survey that emerald green was the top prediction for the most on-trend an technical color in 2022.

Christopher knight emerald green sofa

This modern glam sofa showcases smooth velvet upholstery and jewel like colors that can create a sense of calm and serenity, its warm, cozy and luxurious modern glam look can create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

You can buy this ultra modern velvet couch from the given link

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (2).png

Product Description:

This sofa is made up of smooth velvet upholstery and jewel like color that pair with a clean, straight line for an opulent modern glam look. It’s minimalistic structure brings a sleek touch to decor.

It’s backrest is of button tufted stitching which gives an extra touch of softness and sophistication and enhance it’s immediate design. The diamond stitch pattern is adding a bit of texture without compromising any comfort. It is made up of100% polyester velvet, giving a feather like softness and delicate touch.

It offers outstanding durability as it is supported by wood legs, giving stable structure. It has fine grains which takes stain well, giving this place a gorgeous finish.

What color paint will go best with emerald green couch?

This mid century modern emerald green sofa with golden contrast and beige color background wall paint is creating a sense of calm and sophistication. Black color ottoman footrest is perfectly coordinating with rest of the hue in room as well as compliments the couch.


Emerald green is a jewel like precious color which make a unique yet stylish statement with other metal color combinations like gold, copper and silver.

Sage green:

It is basically a pale, grayish-green and muted shade of green which is similar to that of sage leaves. As the name indicates, it is named after the herb sage so this color is like that of dried sage leaves in appearance.

This color often used in interior designing and decoration, as it can give fresh elegant and natural ambiance to a space.

Nitro 3-seater sage green sofa:

Add a luxurious as well as glamorous touch to your modern living room with this stylish three- seater sofa from the Nitro collection. With it’s natural and sophisticated sage green color and button tufted back design, this fabric-upholstered sofa provides you next level comfort owing to its deep cushioned seat and outspread arm-set.

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (9).png

Product Description:

This product is manufactured in turkey.

It’s primary material is fabric to give soft and delicate touch whereas secondary material is high quality metal which makes this sofa the main focal point of the space.

It’s length is 20cm with height 80cm and with/depth measure 90cm.

It is a high quality foam filling sofa and is supported by strong sturdy metal legs.

This unit can be used to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere and will be perfect and glamorous addition to your space.

What color paint will go best with sage green couch?

In this picture, lighter hue of green color wall paint with white color wardrobe creating a well balanced atmosphere and stabilizing the ambience of room. Black color central table also creating a stylish look and giving a perfect statement to a space.

There are various type of colors which can go well with sage green couch, some neutral possibilities includes beige, white or light grey, which can help to balance the brightness of green and create a more subdued and calming atmosphere.

Olive green:

Olive green is often associated with dark yellowish-green color. It is a specific shade of green and is named after the color of olives. It is a muted, earthy green color used in art, fashion, furniture and interior designs as it is a symbol of health longevity. It can also be used in creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere, can add a organic and elegant touch to any space also gives natural ambiance and earthiness.

CALABASH 90” upholstered olive green sofa:

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (3).png

This upholstered olive green couch can add glamours and luxurious essence to your living room and can create a look we love. It’s made up of high quality upholstered velvet to create a warm, cozy and inviting look.

You can buy this ultra-modern velvet couch from the given link

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (10).png

Product description:

This ultra modern upholstered olive green sofa is crafted from kiln-dried hardwood wrapped with foam filling, and it’s upholstered in luxurious inviting velvet.

The streamlined silhouette adds a timeless as well as unique touch whereas the three elegantly turned legs round out this couch with flair.

It’s available in different color variants like olive green, orange, navy blue and have many fabric options like polyester, linen and linen blend. The three front feet of this sofa are set on caster wheels, so that you can easily redecorate according to tour heart’s content.

It has low maintenance cost as it has removable seat cushions, also removable cushion covers and can spot clean with dry, solvent-based cleaner.

What color paint will go best with olive green couch:

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (4).png

This olive green couch is making a unique statement with red and blue contrasting pillow covers and with crafted multiple color cushion.

The light yellow color wall paint also letting the bold olive green color to shine and giving your space an overwhelming, warm and stylish look.

There are various colors which can give olive green color couch a perfect and eye catchy look. If you with light neutral colors like beige, light pale yellow, white or light grey, they can help to tone down the boldness of green and create a more balance and calming atmosphere. Other possibilities include complimentary shades like deep red, purple or orange, which can add contrast and interest to the space. Lighter or brighter hue of green on walls can also be used to create a cohesive color scheme.

mint green

It is a light, cool shade of green which is named after the herb mint. It is a refreshing and joyful hue that is often associated with youth, health and vitality. Mint green is created by mixing blue, green and white. It’s intensity depends upon the proportion of each component.

Opal 3-seater mint green sofa:

This opal sofa in a mint green color is an absolute showstopper for any contemporary and modern living space. A rich golden metal base and soft to touch velvet fabric make your sitting elegantly to this couch.

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (5).png

Product Description:

This modern style opal three seater sofa consists of pine wood from sustainable forestry, while fabric cushions are upholstered with plush.

It has fluffy design details on the backrest and has golden metal base. It has sofa filling of high quality foam.

It’s primary material is fabric and secondary material is pine wood and metal. It can bear weight up-to 54kg.

This item length is 220cm, width/depth is 91cm and height is 82cm.

What color paint will go best with mint green couch:

This mint green sofa is balanced with bright shade of sea green wall paint color and complement with light brown wooden floor. Pillow cover and rug are of matching color which are adding beauty and elegance in n unique way.

This decor, which is simple and pretty makes you feel relaxed, positive and offers a contented welcoming environment.

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (6).png

Some other color which can go very well with mint green color couch are white, beige, light yellow, pastel blue, cream, turquoise, light orange and brown. Or since you are trying to match a pastel shade, continue this consistency by combining it with another pastel hues.


Forest green:

Forest green is associated with a green color, is named due to it’s resemblance to the color of trees and other plants in a forest. It is a deep reich green color that is said to be the exact type of scenery and is commonly found in nature.

Conley 3-seater forest green sofa:

This three seater sofa is of forest green color is designed to give modern and sophisticated touch to your space and have ability to create a more elegant, stylish and welcoming atmosphere.

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (11).png

Product description:

This Conley sofa is a mid-century marvel with show-stopping enticement wrapped in rich forest green fabric.

It is supported by brushed brass metal legs, it’s arms are inclined inwards for a relaxing and comforting embrace.

This statement sofa is complemented by smooth and high quality velvety fabric that is soft and cozy to touch.

It has clean lines and refined chicory that makes it a time less classic.

This three seater forest green couch is ideal as well as quintessential furniture for your modern living room.


What color paint will go best with forest green couch:

This dark green couch with bright contrasting color wall paint, brown color leather sofa and door with different beautiful wall arts and multi shade pillow covers making this space a multiple-tone triumph. This decor contains various strong colors which are complementing each other, creating a balance and giving eclectic energy to this space.

Sea green color:

Sea green is a soft, light toned hue belonging to a green color family, it is a combination of cyan and green. As the name indicates, it’s hue is similar to that of sea water and gives natural effect. This color often used in furnishing, home decoration, arts and paintings.

galaxy design Claudia 3 seater sea green sofa:

This galaxy design Claudia 3 seater sea green sofa can add a refreshing and calming feel to any living space. It typically consists of three cushioned seats arranged in a row as well as arm-sets on either end. This beautifully designed sea green sofa would therefore be a piece of furniture that is both functional and visually pleasing. It would likely to be a focal point of any living space.C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (7).png

Product Description:

This elegantly styled sofa to offer you the much needed visual delight, constructed with premium quality material for sturdiness.

Cushioned seating and armrests account for comfortable lounging. It’s well crafted back provides optimum back support for a relaxed and comfortable posture.

This Claudia 3 seater sea green sofa structured detail make it a worthy focal point.

What color paint will go best with sea green couch:

One of the foremost hue to decorate an interior with sea green color scheme is brown.

Light brown Wooden wall, wooden floor with bright color cheque cushion are increasing allure to the sea green. Black color side and central table also creating a good balance. These all color blends together perfectly for cohesive, striking look and creates a welcoming environment.

C:\Users\HH Trader\Downloads\Untitled design (8).png

Light blue, pale yellow, beige, grey, coral pink peach and white can create a good balance with sea green couch. Some can give a contrasting effect while others will let the sea green couch the main focal point of the space.


In the end, we can easily conclude that green is a natural diversified color which contains multiple opportunities in itself. Whatever the way you like to pair it with, it will always make a unique statement and can stand elegantly and gracefully.

You can achieve different moods and styles by selecting different shades of green with your desired wall paint, to make an eye catchy combination for a modern and alluring decor.

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